C.P. Company Kan-D La Miglia Olive Jacket

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C.P. Company Kan-D La Miglia Olive Jacket

$ 1000 - 1500 USD

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La 500 Miglia jacket by C.P. COMPANY shown in the Olive Green Kan-D nylon variant.

This iconic garment complete with its signature google hood - the original designed in collaboration with Aitor Throup - is inspired by the legendary Italian Mille Miglia endurance motor race that runs through Italy from Brescia to Rome.

Kan-D – K(c)lear Achronic Nylon (garment) Dyed – used in this variant is a striking, transparent textile based on a flattened monofilament nylon yarn. Its clear construction provides enhanced water-resistance and breathability, and combines with garment dyeing treatments to produce a deep, deconstructed finish.