John Paul Fauves, Phantombat No.8 (2021)

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John Paul Fauves, Phantombat No.8 (2021)

$ 3000 - 5000 USD

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Phantombat No.8, 2021

Acrylic on heavyweight paper. 19.6 x 25.5 in (50 x 65 cm).
Available unframed or framed in black or white, behind museum grade plexiglass.

John Paul Fauves (b. 1980) is a contemporary Costa Rican Artist who lives and works in the capital, San Jose. His themes deal with all aspects of the self: temptation, addiction, and redemption being prominent throughout his works. John Paul formulated much of his technique and subject matter under the guidance of Joaquin Rodriguez Del Paso throughout the 90’s and early 2000’s - and then spent fifteen years developing his signature fusing of pop culture icons with sinister and ever changing elements.