orSlow 1960s One Wash Denim Type III Jacket

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orSlow 1960s One Wash Denim Type III Jacket

$ 250 - 500 USD

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Constantly re-inventing vintage American classics as authenticly as possible, ORSLOW presents their own considered take on a 1960s Levi's Type III trucker jacket, shown here in the one wash variant, subtly bringing out the natural indigo blue.

orSlow Creative Director and obsessive collector Ichiro Nakatsu's pet project doesn't follow seasons or even trends - in this aspect orSlow is a real trend-setter; introducing fashion-forward people to extremely high quality Americana that they can work into even the most edgy outfits.

A Japanese take on an American workwear necessity, this trucker draws influence from the short and boxy silhouettes of the ‘60s.

Made in Japan